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KNEB: Saturday 6:35AM MST

KRVN: Saturday 8:40AM CST

KTIC: Saturday 9:10AM CST


In addition to these regularly scheduled air times, a number of other radio stations across the state receive the weekly audio report and use it as their air time and issues allow. If you would like to request a copy of the weekly recording, please contact Mike Fitzgerald at 402-475-2333.

3.23.18 Rob Star visits about his experience with YCC.

3.16.18 Jessica Herrmann discusses the upcoming ELD Mandate webinar on March 20th at 1:00pm cst.

3.9.19 Heath Weichel, Dawson Co. Cattlemen President and Current YCC member, talks about the upcoming Gov. Ag Week and the NC YCC Program.

3.2.18 Laura Field gives a legislative update

 2.23.18 Bridger Feuz discusses the upcoming Webinar on Economic Tools & Risk Management.

2.16.18 Pete McClymont gives an NCBA Convention Recap.

2.9.18 Ronnette Heinrich, General Manager of Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic, talking about the upcoming classic.

2.2.18 Mike Drinnin from Columbus discusses bill introduction at the NE Legislature, and bills they've flagged to watch this session.

1.26.18  Members from the YCC Class of 2018 talk about their activities

1.19.18 Galen Ericson talks about UNL Feedlot Roundtable 

1.13.18  Scott Knobbe talks about the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation Scholarships 

1.5.18  NC President, Galen Frenzen, talks about the Nebraska Unicameral

12.29.17  Ronette Heinrich, with Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic, discussing some upcoming meetings and schedule changes to the 2018 Classic. 

12.23.17  Pete McClymont gives a 2017 year wrap up

12.9.2017  NC President, Galen Frenzen wraps up the 2017 Nebraska Cattlemen's Annual Convention and Trade Show..

12.2.2017  Pete McClymont previews the 2017 Nebraska Cattlemen's Annual Convention and Trade Show  

11.10.2017 NC President, Troy Stowater, invites you to the 2017 Nebraska Cattlemen's Annual Convention and Trade Show.

11.3.2017 Learn more from the students about the schedule and speakers for the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Summit

10.27.2017 Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars David Schuler, Kyle Ragen and Ethan Johnson talk about the upcoming summit.

10.20.2017 Tim Ulrich with Elanco invites you to attend the NC and Elanco Tailgate on November 4th.

10.13.17 Jessica Herrmann discusses the upcoming Air Emissions Reporting procedure

10.6.2017 Pete McClymont gives and update on NC.

9.29.2017 Ken Herz talks about taxation.

9.22.2017 Mackenzie Johnston reminds people of the Cow Calf Tour.

9.15.2017 Gregg Wiedel, Co-Chair for NE Cattlemen's Ball on the Calf-4-A-Cure for the 2018 Ball.

9.8.2017 Mackenzie Johnston talks about the upcoming Cow Calf Tour.

9.1.2017 NC President, Troy Stowater, discusses the Farm Bill Listening Session that took place during the State Fair.

8.25.2017 Gina Hudson gives a rundown of NCW activities at the 2017 Nebraska State Fair.

8.18.2017 Meghan Anderson talking Beef Pit at the Nebraska State Fair.

8.11.2017 Bonita Lederer discusses current NC events.

8.4.2017 NCBA President, Craig Uden, giving an update on Japan, WOTUS Rule, and BQA.

7.27.2017 Pete McClymont discusses the Cattle Industry Mid-Year Meeting.

7/21/2017 Laura Field discusses the Road Trip meetings taking place next week.

7.14.2017 Jessica Herrmann discusses the recent meeting of the Transportation Taskforce and the impact electronic logs would have on moving cattle.

7.7.2017 Tricia Grabenstein talks about NCW - Consumer Promotion and Education Committee of NC.

6.30.2017 Bonita Lederer announces the 2017 NC Road Trip.

6.23.2017 Jeff Heldt discusses NCF Scholarship winners and RVSC winners at Midyear Meeting.

6.16.2017 John Lange, Farmer Stockman Committee Chairman, discussing the annual Farmer Stockman Tour on June 28th.

6.9.2017 NC President, Troy Stowater, gives a recap of Midyear Meeting.

6.2.2017 Laura Field gives a State Legislative Wrap-up

5.26.2017 Pete McClymont talking about Midyear Meeting

5.19.2017 Pete McClymont discusses the opening of China to U.S. Beef

5.12.2017 Bonita Lederer discusses May is Beef month and the Beef in Schools Program

5.5.2017 President Troy Stowater invites you to NC's 2017 Midyear Meeting

4.28.2017 Laura Field gives an update on LB461 debate and Brand Committee Funding

4.21.2017 Jessica Herrmann talks about the 2017 Leopold Conservation Award Winner

4.14.2017 Justin Jarecke, president of the Lower Loup Cattlemen, discussing their 'Day at the Races' on Saturday, April 22.

4.7.2017 Jessica Herrmann, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, discussing issues in Washington D.C.

3. 31.2017 Laura Field, Director of Legislative Affairs, with an update on property taxes from this year's legislative session.

3.24.2017 Featuring Emily Skillet with a recap on this past week's Midwest Cow-Calf Symposium.

3.17.2017  Eric Milton, President of Exeter Feeders & Breeders, discusses their upcoming 75th anniversary banquet on March 25th.

3.10.2017 Liz Loeske talks about the ambassador program.

3.3.2017 Laura Field, director of legislative affairs withNebraska Cattlemen, discussing this years legislative session. 

2.24.2017 Emily Skillet, Livestock Development Coordinator for A-FAN discussing the upcoming Midwest Cow-Calf Symposium

2.17.2017 NE Cattlemen's Classic show manager Ronette Bush-Heinrich discusses the opening weekend and events being planned for NCC in Kearney.

2.10.2017 Adam Guenther of West Pointwith Young Cattlemens Conference discussing variety of event they attended overpast year.

2.3.2017 Troy Stowater,President of NC, discussing meeting the agriculture secretary nominee andNCBA's annual meeting.

1.27.2017 Joe Gangwish with VP of Legislative Affairs for NeCattlemen, Laura Field on the property tax issue in the Legislature.

1.20.2016 Nebraska Cattlemen YCC Class with Susan Littlefield.

1.13.2017 Phil Thiesse (TEE-zee) with INTL-FC Stonehosting a livestock price risk management seminar in Kearney on Jan 24.

1.06.2017 NCF President Jeff Heldt announces scholarships

12.30.2016 NC Executive Vice President, Pete McClymont, giving a year in review for the organization

12.23.2016 Ronette Bush-Heinrich on the upcoming Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic to be held Feb. 18-26.

12.16.2016 Jessica Herrmann, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs,discussing Senator Fischer's win with the water bill, Trump's pick for EPA, andan end of year wrap up.

12.9.2016 New President of the Nebraska Cattlemen Troy Stowater of Wayne as convention wrapped up this week.

12.2.2016 Pete McClymont highlights next week's Cattlemen's College and NC Convention in Kearney