Mission Statement:

Promoting Nebraska Beef for Schools lunch program & encouraging beef education and nutrition throughout Nebraska schools.

About Nebraska Beef in Schools Lunch Program

A trend is catching on in Nebraska—Beef is what’s for lunch in schools.  Great quality, Nebraska produced beef served more frequently in schools across Nebraska.

Local Cattlemen groups and other agricultural organizations have organized across the state to increase the offerings of beef in school lunches.  Nebraska Cattlemen have showcased the successes of some of these programs recently, and interest is growing as others cattlemen and school districts explore the possibilities of adding more beef to the menu.

At its October meeting, the Nebraska Cattlemen Board of directors appointed a working group to put together a plan to gather information from programs already in place and for those who might want to start a program.  The board strongly supported the work of its local affiliates in organizing and implementing programs across Nebraska.

The working group had its first organizational call in late October.  Members of the working group are Brenda Masek (Purdum), Chair, Jerry Underwood (Alliance), Naomi Loomis (Alliance), Rob Marsh (Belvidere), Gregg Wiedel (Hebron) and Stephen Sunderman (Norfolk).  NC Staff members are also supporting the group as it gathers information.